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 The  2018 Baroque Equestrian Games

5th Annual North East Classical Competition


July 14, 2018


High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center

Old Lyme, CT


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See our clinics page for the July 13-14th pre-show 2 day clinic in Clinton, CT



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The Baroque Equestrian Games is an artistic riding discipline and competition that upholds and rewards the principles/qualities practiced by the Classical Schools of Horsemanship as outlined by the Masters of Equitation during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These qualities are lightness, relaxation, suppleness, self-carriage, balance, and brilliance. The mission of this competition is to celebrate and uplift the Art of Classical Horsemanship. The sponsoring thought for The Baroque Equestrian Games is that of an Artistic Competition honoring Classical Horsemanship while at the same time combining the arts of Music, Choreography, and Design (tack and attire).

All tests, presentations, and maneuvers in the Baroque Equestrian Games Competition are ridden with softness and elegance confirming an effortless picture of harmony between the horse and the rider. The goal is to produce Art in Motion, and in the words of La Gueriniere, “Art speaks for itself.”

The Games are comprised of four Sections: Ground Work, Classical Schooling, Mounted Maneuvers, and Musical Presentation. Within each Section there are four Phases of training: Initiate, Equilibre, Rassembler, and Haute Ecole.

As the competitions grow, divisions may be added including Junior, Amateur, Open, Breed Specific, etc. Additional sections or subsections may be added, e.g., Pas de Deux and Quadrille.


 The Phases of Training

 a.Initiate (meaning “commencement,” pronounced “ih-NISH-ee-uht”). This Phase represents the first level of training for horse and rider. Included are exercises in walk, trot, and halt, with circles, loops, changes of direction, and square turns.

b.Equilibre (meaning “balance,” pronounced “eh-kee-LEE-bruh”). Building on the Initiate, this consists of walk, trot, and canter, and introduces the beginning lateral work of shoulder-in and turn around the forehand, as well as demi-volte at the walk, and the rein back.

c.Rassembler (meaning “to gather.” pronounced “rah-som-BLEH”). This Phase includes all the movements of Equilibre, but at a greater degree of collection. Adds change of lead through walk, lateral movements of renvers, travers, and half pass, and half-pirouette at the canter.

d.Haute Ecole (meaning “high school,” pronounced “oat EYH-coal”). Culminating in full collection, this Phase adds the movements of half pass zig-zag, flying change of lead, piaffer, passage, and full canter pirouette.



All breeds and crosses are eligible.

All horses must be sound, in good health, and have a current negative Coggins report. Any horse deemed unsound, unfit, or excessively stressed may be dismissed from any Section, or from the entire competition, at the sole discretion of the judge.

Minimum age requirements for horses are as follows:

  • Ground Work – 3 years
  • Initiate – 3 ½ years
  • Equilibre – 4 years
  • Rassembler – 5 years
  • Haute Ecole – 7 years


*Age is calculated by actual birth month/year, or if unknown, as stated on Coggins report.

Braiding of manes or tails is optional. Any style is allowed.



Ground Work, Classical Schooling, and Mounted Maneuvers

Vest or doublet of any style or period, worn over a long-sleeved shirt of solid color.

Period jackets, frock coats, or sleeved doublets are also allowed, provided they are of a simple, understated design such as those worn during the schooling sessions of the Classical Schools.

Breeches or pants of any style or period, color to coordinate with shirt and vest or coat.

Riding boots of any style, or formal polainas/half-chaps, to coordinate with the rest of attire.

Musical Presentation. The Musical Presentation Section is intended to create a visually stimulating pageantry of attire and tack. There are no requirements and no restrictions, and the extent of decoration and embellishment is limited only by one’s imagination. Themes can include historical, cultural, fantasy, futuristic, etc.

Helmets. Riders 17 of age and under must wear a helmet at all times when mounted. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from all Sections.

For riders of 18 years of age or older, helmets are recommended, though not required, when mounted.






The Baroque Equestrian Games welcomes your participation in the “Games”. We also would appreciate your support through Sponsorship, an opportunity to promote your horse, farm and/or business through advertising as well as helping us make this Baroque Equestrian Games Competition a success. You can sponsor a class for $100. To sign up for Sponsorship, please contact Genie Dethloff – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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