Baroque Equestrian Games

The Baroque Equestrian Games is an artistic competition like no other, comprising of four Sections harkening back to an age of grace and enlightenment: Ground Work, Classical Schooling, Mounted Maneuvers, and Musical Presen-tation. Within each riding Section are four progressive Phases of Training: Initiate, Equilibre, Rassembler, and Haute Ecole. Participants may use any tack – English, Western, Heritage, Traditional, etc.  In every Section and at every Phase the emphasis is on grace, artistry, softness, relaxation, and mutual enjoyment of horse and rider.

Classical Horsemanship

The great historical Masters of Classical of Horsemanship, dating back to Xenophon and culminating during the Baroque Period, focused their teachings upon the qualities of lightness, relaxation, suppleness, self-carriage, balance and brilliance. When we embrace their wisdom and principles, we find tremendous benefit for horses of all breeds and disciplines, and riders of all back- grounds and experience levels. Few people have had the opportunity to experience these timeless principles in action. Our mission is to help make this all-but lost historical Art accessible to the riders of today. 



Baroque Equestrian Institute

The Baroque Equestrian Institute is dedicated to preserving and passing down the wisdom of these great Masters, and to making their teachings understandable and accessible for today’s rider. Through clinics, symposiums, systematic courses, affiliated trainer network and reference materials, we will guide and assist you in reaching your goals. Come discover the balance and lightness you’ve always longed for, but never thought you could achieve. 



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